Next Wave Automation

Next Wave Automation designs and builds small format automation application systems for businesses that need high quality technology that will grow as they grow.

Company Origin:
Litterally one of those businesses you read about that started out in a garage. After Founder / CEO Tim Owens left his job as an engineer with G.M. he began looking for ways to get by finacially until he found another job. Having always been facinated by technology and computers in particular, he created his first home built CNC and placed it on Ebay. It sold quickly and he made another and it sold as well. After listening to what his customers were looking for he began his search on how to make affordable CNC’s and Next Wave Automation was born.  Now Next Wave Automations products have been shipped around the world and giving people who could not afford CNCs before access to them.

We are committed to:
Providing tools (such as our CNC Shark ™ series of machines) that are designed to grow with your business without having to buy a new system for each application.  Providing high quality and additional value to your customers with minimal financial investment by your organization.

Company Beliefs:
Every so often a time comes when the companies that created an industry are no longer in a position, due to excessive overhead and bureaucracy, to be able to respond quickly to keep up with a market’s demands. At this time the company’s elite come together to form a new group that is free of the corporate shackles and is able to not only respond and maneuver in the markets but is able to create its own markets — the so-called next wave. You get the expertise and experience of the big companies along with the flexibility and service you expect from a small company. This allows us to achieve advanced solutions for our customers in record time.

When someone gives you their business they expect something in return — customer service and respect. Everyone wants to receive the attention and respect a high-end client would receive when they spend their money with you. This is the foundation Next Wave Automation is built on — providing quality products and services that give you the sense that “this company really cares about me!”

Next Wave Automation Products

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